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G-Force is so great, it never ever bores me. You almost start to wonder if there isn’t a discerning intelligence making real aesthetic decisions about what to put on the screen. The patterns are often Darwinian. I have speakers all around my house and play G-Force on six screens in different rooms because it suits any decor and I don’t want to be without it.
- Anthony H.
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Multi-Player / Multi-Platform Support Platinum Features
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G-Force Platinum provides multi-player and multi-platform support which means that you can use G-Force Platinum with virtually every music player you have installed on your computer (and for any not yet supported, you can use G-Force Standalone).

G-Force multi-platform support covers the PC and Mac platforms. G-Force Platinum supports both macOS and Windows.

G-Force multi-player support is configurable during installation. By default, G-Force Platinum detects and installs as a visual plug-in for any media player that it supports (see below) which is currently installed on your PC. If you download an additional music player (that is supported) in the future, just reinstall G-Force Platinum and it will detect and automatically install for the new media player.

G-Force Platinum supports all of the following media players/applications:

windows media player plugin

itunes plugin

musicmatch plugin

jriver plugin

winamp plugin

real player plugin

media monkey plugin

jetaudio plugin

google desktop plugin

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