Explore Tunr

The Home Screen

Access all your music and streaming providers, as well as the Settings and Features menu.


Getting Started

tunr navbar
  • Settings & Features is always on the Home Screen
  • Tap on the Tunr icon area to show and hide the Player
  • Explore immersive scenes in full screen
  • Click the Visuals icon to Activate Visual Packs
  • Search and explore the rich content within Tunr
  • Get back to the Home Screen by pressing the top left Nav Button or by swiping Left to Right

Tunrcast Audio Tour

The Player

At the heart of Tunr is a custom crafted, fully-featured player built to perform across a myriad of audio formats and providers.

  • Swipe or Drag the Audio Shuttle
  • Adjust the volume
  • Airplay | Speaker Connect
  • Skip forward & back (iPhone6 up)
  • Easily favorite a track
  • Repeat One | Repeat All | Shuffle | Play Downward
  • Play Upward from oldest to newest, podcasters!
  • Swipe down to close player
  • Bookmark any track!

streaming player tunr audio providers

The Visuals

Tunr’s visuals are the product of over a decade of development achievement at SoundSpectrum, and are also the reason Tunr is available at no cost. Your support in purchasing visuals helps keep Tunr an amazing and ad-free experience. Get more info on Tunr Visual Packs below.

Browsing through Packs and Scenes

tunr visuals
  • Go Full Screen
  • Tap on the screen to exit the visuals
  • Swipe up or down to change the visual Pack
  • Swipe left or right to browse the visual Scenes
  • Choose from 15 add-ons, or subscribe to Tunrvision for the full visual experience
tunrvision TunrVision: The full visual experience at one low monthly price. Get new Visual Packs as they are released.

Settings and Features

Tunr offers a robust array of Settings and Features to customize your listening and viewing experience. Dive into cross-platform history and bookmarks, activate visual packs, and modify your user settings. Use the support menu to access quick help, FAQ, and to send feedback or report an issue.

  • Cross-platform history
  • Tracks automatically added
  • Go back to a previous track

  • Add your own Bookmarks
  • Any song, show, or station
  • A cross-platform customizable playlist!
  • Bookmark a specific time
  • Report a bug
  • Send us helpful feedback
  • All in-app (below Tunr mission)
  • Modify color, font, and UI
  • Show or hide Providers
  • Modify visualizer settings

  • Access quick help
  • Read the FAQ to find certain clues
  • See version history

Tunr Splat Visual Packs

Tunr comes with G-Force Blue and Cube Pack, with 15 additional Packs to choose from. Each pack weaves together art, math, and audio reactivity. Purchase visuals a-la-cart, or get them all bundled with a TunrVision subscription.


Cube Pack (built in)


G-Force Blue (built in)

tunrvision TunrVision

By purchasing Tunrvision, you will always have the full visual experience in Tunr at one low monthly price. That means you get all the visuals at once, while continuing to receive new visual packs as they are released. Manage your subscription through your Apple account, and cancel at anytime.

  • The full visual experience
  • Get new packs as they are released
  • $1.99/mo. cancel anytime via iTunes
  • Free for 7 days!









In the Machine


Laser Pack










The Builders


Vibration Pack


Warp Core





A month of TunrVision is cheaper than ,
and totally just as awesome.

The Always Free Content

Tunr supports open standards and protocols for sharing content that is freely available to all, such as audio RSS (Podcasts) and Internet Radio; now you can start playing freely available music right out of the box.


Add music to your device:
1. Load tracks into iTunes library and sync your music onto your device or
2. Open the device Music app, click “Library” and download albums or individual songs by clicking the cloud-down icon
3. Enjoy your music


Listen to any Podcast:
1. Browse or Search our curated catalog of 2500+ podcasts for endless content
2. Subscribe to any podcast manually by entering the URL
3. When you add a podcasts to Tunr, it is submitted for inclusion in our catalog


Free Internet Radio:
1. Browse or Search our growing catalog of publicly available streaming radio stations
2. Add your favorite public stations manually by entering the station URL
3. When you add a radio station to Tunr, it is submitted for inclusion in our catalog


Infinite Looping Tracks:
1. Whether it’s ocean waves, soothing crickets, or a camp fire, relaxation is nearby
2. Each track is meticulously engineered to flow continuously without breaks or gaps
3. Meditation Meditation Meditation Sleep

The Streaming Providers You Love


Please note, providers may ask you to establish an account or pay for their premium services in order to access their content. All product names, logos, and brands are the sole property of their respective owners. SoundSpectrum is interested in starting a conversation with streaming services and content providers. Connect with us.

Want Tunr Visuals On a Larger Screen?

There are a couple of ways to go about this!

via QuickTime Player

tunr via quicktime player

TV or Projector
with a Lightning AV Adapter

tunr on a large screen TV or projector

Desktop Visualizers

soundspectrum desktop visuals

Tunr Splat desktop visuals

Live Mic

Live Mic mode uses your device microphone to create a live stream of real-time audio visuals that react to anything the mic can hear.

  • Turn on Live Mic

    Activate Live Mic on the Home Screen with a simple click

  • Make some noise

    Play music or sounds from any source to view real-time audio responses within a living environment of light and color

  • Turn Live Mic off

    Turn Live Mic off by selecting another track from any other provider menu