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Music Visuals for a Cause – PLAN Systems is a Technology 501(c)(3) co-founded by Drew O’Meara, CTO of SoundSpectrum, inspiring a generation of digital artists with realtime audio reactive music visualizers. Drew is now spearheading the development of critical tools for Privacy, Accessibility, and Collaboration. Please consider becoming a founding contributor by making a tax deductible donation to this worthy effort. Donations go to fund development of PLAN, a peer-based Operating System for secure communications and immersive media & content environments. Why PLAN?

From the Creator of SoundSpectrum

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PLAN Systems Technology 501(c)(3)
PLAN Systems

This body of work represents a combination of our passion for multi-media arts and high performance software. The featured video includes an original, live music performance production, woven together with G-Force. Thanks so much for taking the time to learn about our development effort.

Solving for Privacy, Accessibility, and Ease of Collaboration

The development of open and distributed tools is more important than ever, as will become obvious over the coming weeks and years ahead. We are confronting a socio-economic environment unlike we have ever seen by any other generation. There are opportunities converging for various distributed technology systems and information logistics projects (like ours). If you think you or projects you know out there fit in to this picture, we would love to bridge our efforts if it makes sense to do so.

Our networks and ability to collaborate to solve problems is our greatest strength. Our latest efforts at PLAN Systems speak to the lessons we have learned through our previous experiences, anticipation of the needs of networks, and our vision for tools that facilitate privacy, accessibility, collaboration, and decision making generally.

Focus areas are across a range of fields, platforms, and languages, including distributed systems, supply chain & logistics systems, CAD, UI design, VR/AR integration, protocol & systems engineering, GIS, spatial planning, ICS protocols, cryptography, A/V production & display, and related fields.

PLAN Systems | Technology 501(c)(3)

Beyond Mere Decentralization

Music for a Cause – Performance and Visuals from PLAN Systems on Vimeo.