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SoundSpectrum was founded in 2000 to take music visualization software to a new level, and our mission is to offer an unparalleled visual experience while listening to music. We create visual poetry.

Today, SoundSpectrum is a leading provider of real-time audio visualization applications, featuring the world-known G-Force, SoftSkies, Aeon, and WhiteCap visualizers.

G-Force is the most dynamic and sophisticated, yet entirely artistic, music visualization available. This is a direct result of creator Andy O'Meara's strong roots in mathematics and computing theory, combined with a passion for music and visual art. If you've seen G-Force in action, you know this isn't an exaggeration, as many users will tell you.

SoftSkies is a music visualizer and screensaver that produces mood-enhancing animated cloudscapes, rich with color and realistic motion. SoftSkies features professional color design, patent-pending cloud animation, dynamic image scenery and fine-grained visual control.

WhiteCap is a real-time music visualization plug-in for media players that features hundreds of stunning "wireframe" effects and animated backgrounds, designed to be visually engaging and extremely dynamic.

Aeon, SoundSpectrum's latest product, represents a new dimension in music visualization, rich with content variety, color, and artistic depth. Aeon features an extensive library of visual content that uses SoundSpectrum's advanced internal drawing API designed to deliver high-performance graphics for OpenGL, OpenGLES, and Direct3D based platforms. Aeon's content base is unique, open, platform independent, and ever-growing.

SoundSpectrum Darkroom is a utility application which allows you to export G-Force and WhiteCap output as QuickTime video files. Currently, SoundSpectrum Darkroom is under development on both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Digital connectivity and computing hardware are opening new doors for digital artists, but these doors can't be opened without continuous research and development. Free trial versions of our products will always be available, but our enhanced Gold and Platium versions offer the best experience and provide much greater visual capability and enhanced features, as well as support our efforts towards improvements and further product development.

Please contact us if you have suggestions, ideas, or feedback — help us make visual products always one step ahead of your imagination.

Andy O'Meara
Chief Product Engineer
The original creator of G-Force and WhiteCap, Andy leads mobile and desktop product development and specializes in high-performance graphics and computing. Andy also actively enjoys Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, running, biking, and improv comedy.
Key Compton
Licensing & Sales
An entrepreneur several times over, Key is the lead business contact for G–Force, WhiteCap, and SoundSpectrum Darkroom licensing and sales. Key is also an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for skiing and photography.
Gary Gluck
Business Development & Licensing
Gary is the lead contact for commercial partnerships and strategic business inquiries. Gary has an entrepreneurial background and has co-founded and managed technology and media-related ventures. His favorite pastime is being with his family.
Anton Shevchenko
Operations & Engineering
Having held several challenging positions in the software and web-technology industry, Anton leads SoundSpectrum's online and back-end engineering and operation. In his spare time, Anton pursues travel, film, and photography.
  Company Milestones  

December 2010 — SoundSpectrum launches Aeon, a new breed of visualizer that leverages SoundSpectrum's extensive amd advanced cross-platform codebase. Highlights include a large catalog of unique 3D algoritmic visual effects and an ecosystem for users and experts alike to create their own visuals.

July 2010 — G-Force 4 is released, featuring comprehensive multi-CPU support, major content additions, and major performance enhancements.

December 2008 — Winter Wonders is launched, offering seasonal visuals perfect for the winter holidays.

July 2008 — Fotomatic for iPhone is released, leveraging SoundSpectrum's unique cross-platform graphics and drawing codebase.

September 2007 — WhiteCap is launched, offering dynamic real-time audio reactivity complemented by rich background animation. WhiteCap is built on SoundSpectum's exciting new "Arcade" graphics engine, an engineering feat years in the making.

November 2006 — SoftSkies, a real-time cloud visualizer, is released. Highlights include patent-pending cloud rendering engine, intuitive on-screen menu system, and dynamic image scenery.

June 2005 — G-Force 3 is released and Platinum Edition is added to the product lineup. Highlights include a GUI toolbar for full control, the patent-pending V-Bar, and the G-Force Screen Saver.

January 2004 — Company name is changed to SoundSpectrum, Inc. (from WhiteCap Technologies).

December 2003 — G-Force Gold is released, enabling users to support our work while upgrading to an enhanced version of G-Force.

Fall 2003 — Partnership with Microsoft to produce a special (personal use) version of G-Force for release with Windows Media Center.

2001 — Partnership with Apple Computer to build a special (personal use) version of G-Force for use within the iTunes music player.

2000 — G-Force software created by Andy O'Meara as a freely distributed music player plug-in. WhiteCap Technologies, Inc. founded as the corporate entity for G-Force and WhiteCap visualizations.

1999 — WhiteCap software created by Andy O'Meara as a freely distributed music player plug-in.

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Just downloaded the latest version of G-Force. It is brilliant. Never before have I seen so many visualizations full of color & vibrancy. My hats off to the creators. I love it. Thanks a million times over.
- Rick B.
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