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Below is a brief description of the different licensing options for Aeon, G-Force, SoftSkies, and WhiteCap. Please note that all use of our software products is governed by the End User License Agreement and is restricted to non-commercial, personal use only. Any public or commercial use or display of Aeon, G-Force, SoftSkies, or WhiteCap is strictly prohibited without written permission from SoundSpectrum, Inc. If you suspect that our software products are being use illegally or improperly, we ask that you please report it to us immediately.

Free Trial, Gold, and Platinum Versions
We work hard to develop and maintain both a free trial and the Gold and Platinum versions of Aeon, G-Force, SoftSkies, and WhiteCap. Millions of users from all over the world have downloaded our software and we hope that you will as well (we are proud to be completely free of any spyware or adware). Once you have tried the free trial versions, we recommend that you upgrade to Gold or Platinum so that you can experience the absolute best in music visualization! Your upgrade to Gold or Platinum supports our development efforts and gives you access to enhanced features and updated releases.

Professional Versions (Commercial License)
A commercial license can enable you to use Aeon, G-Force, SoftSkies, and/or WhiteCap in venues such as night-clubs, music/concert events, VJ events, video recordings, or in public performances and exhibitions. Commercial use or public display of our software products is strictly prohibited without obtaining a commercial license from SoundSpectrum. To inquire about a commercial license, please contact us.

Added Features

G-Force Professional gives you access to special commands that add "on the fly" text and graphics, allowing you to add text and images to the screen for all to see.
  • display your company logo, brand name, product images, venue information
  • show messages to your patrons or audience
  • script visuals to change with specific events at your venue
G-Force Professional lets you control G-Force running on one machine from another machine over the network.
  • run G-Force on a powerful machine in the "back room" and control it from a wireless laptop
  • control multiple instances of G-Force running on several machines from one central place
To ensure your commercial needs are met, SoundSpectrum support will help show you how to use these features.

Non-Profit Pricing

If you'd like to use Aeon, G-Force, SoftSkies, and/or WhiteCap for non-profit organization or event, (e.g. educational use, charity event, student art project, religious service), then be sure to include details with your inquiry. You must obtain permission to use the software for non-profit purposes; however, pricing will reflect your non-profit status.

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Dear Sirs at Sound Spectrum Inc. Some months ago I purchased WhiteCap Gold. Most of the time I use it as a screen saver. I find it a fascinating, hypnotic and entertaining piece of software. I have purchased software of many kinds and find WhiteCap to be real value for money and a ’must have’. Many thanks,
- Brian M.
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