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Four weeks ago I downloaded your white caps free trial. One week later I was having emergency Quadruple bypass surgery.

Once I came home a week later I was unable to even get up without help. I asked my wife to put on my favorite CD and activate the whitecaps program.

Your program has had a calming affect on me and has probably saved my sanity and my marriage... I can’t thank your company enough. May all good things come your way
- Dennis P.
Just wanted you to know, G-Force is one of the coolest programs I’ve ever purchased. Keep up the great work.
- Richard T.
Aeon is absolutely breath taking; the best creation Soundspectrum has dreamed of yet... Just blows my mind how perfect the graphics are. Thank you for another perfect product.
- Nathaniel P.
Y’all are THE BEST!! Your work is, by my own admission, outstanding "otherwordly" and takes me to greater heights than any other visualizer can... Thank you for providing the closest thing to heaven I can legally obtain!! Keep up the much appreciated products you work so hard to provide to us.
- Jones I.
Awesome work... again... as usual...
- Ken W.
Just wanted to let you know how much enjoyment I have derived from white cap. keep up the great job... caps is outstanding in every regard.
- Larry T.
I bought a license for G-Force last Dec., and it took several months before I thought it was a truly exceptional visual/musical experience. It’s not your fault that it took me so long, I just loved to keep experimenting with the fields and colors, and loved importing my own photos for backgrounds which I swap out quite frequently. I LOVE G-FORCE!
- James P.
I have been using G- Force for years now to the point I do not remember when I got started. I love it so much... I have a widescreen monitor so I just turn off the lights at night, and listen to my music while watching the graphics of G- Force at that moment and time I am in another world.
- Peggy R.
Today I receive mail from soundspectrum with the new "Aeon", download the trial and purchase now! is simply spectacular! Congratulations! Your products make me crazy.

PS: There’s a big competition between Whitecap and Aeon! Good Job!
- Francesco B.
This is just mind blowing. The best in the Solar System.
- Angela P.
Now THIS is this visualisation I’ve been waiting for all my life. Finally fully organic, natural and beautiful, to match what else I see. So happy. :D Well done. Will buy Aeon now!
- Barry F.
Downloaded your trial version of Aeon. Played 1 song and was instantly mesmerized. Bought it the next second. Awesome job!
- Vincent C.
There are not enough words to describe the feelings as you experience those brilliant colors and shapes dance across the screen with every sound you hear. One is compelled to go wherever it might take you. Thanks for the magic. You are a talented group... keep it up!
- Maryann B.
The recent updates have increased the gorgeous psychedelic effects even more. Screensave looks fabulous on my twin 1920 x 1080 DVI monitors driven by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460. I rarely submit unsolicited testimonials but you guys are great. Once upon a time I tried to do stuff like this with a program I wrote for the Atari ST called Kozmic.
- Dave H.
Been using G-Force for several years and NEVER been dissapointed! Every time I turn around something new and exciting is happening and it is so memorizing and soothing to the eyes. Thank you. Just renewed for another New Year!!!!!!
- Ed S.
Great job on the Update! i have been screen~gazing for a couple hours just to see what kind of improvements you may have tweaked, and i am noticeably impressed! G~Force has never run so smooth and the imaging is even more rich and delectable! keep up the great work! listening to*s Groove Salad... totally choice combination
- Brock T.
Just wanted to let you know how I feel. I am 65 years old, disabled & listening to John Denver with G-Force. All I can say is, Far Out, cool & AWESOME. Thank you for that feeling.
- Fred S.
Hi, just a quick note to say ’What a fantastic piece of software Whitecap is’ ...I have been using this program for some years now... Your Whitecap keeps me entertained during the days and nights when I am in too much pain to sleep, It is very relaxing and a panacea to pain relief (believe it or not). Thanks again.
- Peter H.
HOW??? did you do this. Never mind, i just use whitecap to impresse people and myself, sit back and enjoy. Thanks. Greatings,
- Toine A.
Dear Digital Alchemists,

Installed your software several months ago and I must say I find myself at 2AM going "got me again." Being able to have your own image file really personalizes the software. M.C.Eschier, fractal images, icons from Rock and Blues. You never know how G-Force is going to paint things. Some of the images you guys conjur up will just about blow you out of your chair. Very interesting and imaginative. I recently attended Roger Waters Performance Art Concert "The Wall" live. One of the things that made the performance really outstanding was the extensive use of computer imagery. It reminded me very much of G_Force... Keep up the good work, always looking forward to more changes. Thanks,
- Richard S.
Hey guys, thanks for your latest betas of G-Force and WhiteCap, both are another quantum leap forward. I really appreciate your artistic endeavours. Please continue!!! Thank you so much, cheers,
- Wolfram O.
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Press quotes and feedback about SoundSpectrum G-Force
"Visualizer plug-ins such as SoundSpectrum’s WhiteCap and G-Force... are free ways to add visual spice to your iTunes experience."
"G-Force: The best iTunes visual plugin? ...the quality of this widget behooves you to download it and give it a try." Tech Reviews
"G-Force and WhiteCap add hundreds of new psychedelic visualization effects to iTunes or other Mac music players."
  Wired Magazine
"Andy O’Meara wants to blow your mind. His digital music plug-in called G-Force, which created "Breathe," has been downloaded more than 6 million times since its release... And come spring G-Force will trip out the Togetherland concert tour of multiplatinum recording artist Seal... ’When I first saw it, I had a spiritual experience,’ says Seal, whose performances will be transformed into G-Force images and projected onto the walls of the 1,500-seat tent that will serve as his touring venue. ’Like music itself, the images tap into something internal and deep.’"
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