Experience Metatron – Available in Tunr and Aeon 4.0

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Experience Metatron – 3D Visualizations for Your Music

Witness the hidden geometry of Metatron coming to life in 3D, with scenes of swarming shapes and mind-blowing transformations. The Metatron visual pack is available on Tunr for iOS, as well as in the Aeon 4.0 real-time music visualizer for desktop computers.

A Multi-Source Audio Player and Music Visualizer!

Metatron in Aeon 4.0 and Tunr for iOS

With the exception of our audio reactive visual art, Tunr is completely free in every way: over 300 net radio stations, 3000 podcasts (that includes a music catalog). Soundcloud and iHeart radio are also free to use without a premium account.

–  One of the best thing about Tunr is the huge selection of Podcasts and Internet Radio stations! You can even manually add content. Because Podcasts and internet radio are built on open protocols, they are also are also available in most places. Ergo most of the streaming audio we support are available in most places.

– You can remove providers from the home screen if they aren’t available in your country.

– Tunr does not include any ads and doesn’t require you to have an account! So if you can download Tunr, you can listen to free music every day, and never run out.

– With Bookmarks and History, you can build a cross platform playlist of what you want to listen to and what you have already listened to.

– When you play a song in Tunr, it is cached locally so you don’t have to expend bandwidth when you want to listen to something again? Folks in other countries will really care about this feature when listening to our huge and free Podcast and Net Radio catalogs (up to 20gb / 400 hours)

Music produced by ArtIsInFormation (b.dwall)

ArtIsInFormation Music in Tunr -> Podcasts


Download Tunr for iOS – https://appsto.re/us/lpGJ4.i

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