The Music Player that Can Change Everything

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We sincerely believe that Tunr is a stepping stone to something much greater. Although, we have worked really hard to put together an accessible and easy to use music app, with the kind of cross-platform access that can’t be found anywhere else, we can can go so much further if you also believe in what we are doing. Here are some of the reasons why Tunr stands out, and can be the music platform to rule them all:

A Platform-Agnostic Music Player

– The streaming services are all free to access and use with no restrictions or limitations imposed by us. The only thing we sell is our art (the background visuals).
– The best thing about Tunr (IMO) are the Podcasts and Internet Radio stations… you can even manually add content. Because podcasts and internet radio are built on open protocols, they are also are also available in most places. Ergo most of the streaming audio we support are available in most places
– You can remove providers from the home screen if they aren’t available in your country
– Tunr does not include any ads and doesn’t require you to have an account! So you can listen to free music on a very stable player when you download Tunr

A Fully Featured Player that Only Gets Better

– With Bookmarks and History, you can build a cross platform playlist of what you want to listen to and what you have already listened to
– When you play a song in Tunr, it is cached locally so you don’t have to expend bandwidth when you want to listen to something again? Folks in other countries will really care about this feature when listening to our huge and free Podcast and Net Radio catalogs (up to 20gb / 400 hours)
– Over 300 net radio stations, 3000 podcasts (that includes a music catalog). Soundcloud and iHeart radio are also free to use without a premium account
– We have a bug reporting utility in Tunr that we can work with you to utilize, and you can contact us directly in app

Check out the Soundboks speaker for an amazing experience while listening to Tunr!

Tunr is without question our daily go-to music application, and we are excited to be able to share it with everyone!



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