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I find myself sitting here..unable to tear myself away. There are times when I look at the screen and just say "NO WAY" It is ever living in a house, on the ocean..watching the waves, but these waves are so much more vivid and at times extremely unusual. I love this program so much.

I tell everyone about G-Force. The other day, I was sitting here, talking on the phone and watching G-Force..and my eyes popped open and I said, "Oh, my gosh...THAT’S SO BEAUTIFUL".. then, of course, I had to explain what I was talking about. Thanks again and best of luck with G-Force. I love it.
- Diane S.
I turned on Windows Media Player, selected "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, sat back, and was amazed!

There is an English saying, (it is slang), that you may probably never heard of, but if you ask anyone from England what it means, you will be told that it means "totally surprised" "impressed", "fantastic" etc; the expression is "Gobsmacked"!

I was Gobsmacked when I saw this, it is brilliant. Many thanks,
- Don C.
G-Force positively blows me away. The complexity of the algorithms and the incredibly organic ways in which it interprets the waveforms is truly astounding. Exquisitely detailed paintings which are "alive" to the music, which sweep and blend seamlessly into endless varieties of shapes and colours. The symmetries and curves, it’s like the birth of a new art form - animated painting. To be blissing out to soul food (a.k.a music) and to see it interpreted with such imagination and intellect is just plain awesome!

Whenever my friends come around,they stare over my shoulder and go "Wow, that is so kool!", or "Ooo, check that out". And I’m not talking geeks and developers now: these are hippies/party people, artists and muso’s. Anyway, for what it’s worth, your achievement does not go un-noticed. As the immortal Ali-G puts it: Respek!
- Richard L.
Best 20$ I ever spent in my life... Should have bought the gold version a long time ago, you guys are brilliant, keep up the goood work. From a satisfied customer.
- Charles L.
Absolutely love the screensaver it is by far the most incredible display of color and imagery i have ever seen, is comparable to a lazer light show ive seen called "LAZERIUM" which is played in some planetariums set to music, i like your program even better! Thanks!
- Chad E.
I have to say that I dont think there is a word in the english dictionary that can describe your product. Awesome, Great, Emotionally stirring. I’m sorry I cant find the words. But I can say you have done a great job of providing a program at a decent price thank you and your team for a great job.
- Maury R.
Hi, I just want to say this is the most awesome screen saver and music visualization program I have ever seen, I could literally sit and watch it for hours. I crank up the music and then start taking screenshots, the colors are incredible. Thanks for the wonderful product,
- Marck P.
I have been using g-force for quite some time now. I must say, it is the most amazing visualization that i have seen yet, i would highly recommend this product to anyone who listens to music on their computer. I recently downloaded the latest g-force platinum package, and once again, the product is well worth the money, to this day, since downloading it, it is the only visualization that i use.

I congratulate you on an extremely well done job on this program. i do hope that you continue to upgrade this product with the same stunning ability that you have in the past.
- Spc Sean T.
Just downloaded the upgrade to "Platinum 3.0". You guys have outdone yourselves! The new toolbar is an EXCELLENT feature. The INEXHAUSTIBLE color, wave & flowfield combinations are amazing and now to be able to "stop or roll-on" the hundreds of available configurations is truly fantastic!

- Ray D.
G-Force is by far the best visualization software I’ve ever seen. In fact, your programs have given me more pleasure than any other single thing I’ve downloaded (...well, the old episodes of Mr. Wong do come close).
- Jim H.
Please keep me on your files and keep me updated on everything that has to do with G-force. I am very satisfied with this product.
- Thomas C.
I would just like to thank you for the g-force platinum 3.0 it’s excellent and much appreciated, like you say it breathes life to the desktop, the colours and patterns are incredible, better than ever! Look forward to even more. Thanks a lot.
- David C.
Thank you for your services which are greatly appreciated over the years. I have been using whitecap since 90’s and have seen a great change for better likewise did not hesitate to purchase. Keep up your good work which surely brings smiles to so many. Regards from faithful customer,
- Joseph A.
I usually don’t write to a company from which I have made a purchase (unless complaining/inquiring about a problem), but I want to make an exception in this case. I really, really appreciate the free upgrade to version 3.0, and I am thoroughly impressed with the new features. Add to that the free, you guys have earned my respect and thanks. I have been using G-Force since you first packaged it with Musicmatch v7. What I really want to say is thank you for a wonderful product.
- Robert D.
I just upgraded to G-Force gold, and it’s amazing. The FREE version is well worth the price. The gold is absolute genius. Thank You So Much.
- Tammi J.
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