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I just have to tell you that G-Force is AWESOME!! My husband purchased it for me a few months ago, since I am very into listening to music on my PC, and I am so impressed that I had to write and tell you. I use music as stress relief and to just chill (after a day’s work) and GForce’s visual effects are so calming and fun to watch. It brings music to a new level! Listen and watch, totally awesome. I just downloaded the new version 2.7.3 and it just keeps getting better! Thanks to all of you at soundspectrum and keep up the great work. :)
- Donna C.
What can I say about G-Force and Whitecap... I can say without reservation it is the best I have seen. How often do you find an application that, when you see it running, puts a smile on your face? Thanks Andy, you’re definitely one of the "good guys", a rarity in this industry. Keep up the good work!!!
- James S. (aka one happy camper!!!)
I am extremely impressed to say the least! This is a wonderful program, and you never seem to see the same thing twice. The graphics are entrancing and relaxing. I have showed many of my friends, and they love it. I have a 3 and a 5 year old, and they love to listen to music on daddy’s computer. They think it is very cool, and that’s on just a 17" flat panel. I am going to hook it up to my DLP projector, and show it on a 100" screen, that should be awesome. This way they can dance to their favorite music in the living room and watch at the same time. So congratulations on an amazing product at a great price!
- Chad C.
I think this is about the third email I have sent, because I am just constantly amazed again and again with G-Force. It just astounds me time and time again! ! There is just no one word or simple group of words that I can think of to say what I mean.

It just allows me to be sent into the future and the past at the same time - "I think?" I’m not really sure! besides all that, it’s just plain fun! Wonderful is so trite.

thanks to yourself and all your associates
total and approaching something like bliss,
- Barry D.
"G-Force Thanks for a great product. I put a kid on each leg and we very much enjoy yelling out the color changes and pressing Y to bring on new designs. Here is a screenshot we thought you might like.
- Martha H.
I do not have the habit of writing to a software producer, but I just needed to give you this feedback: G-Force is simply the most outstanding music visualization I have EVER seen!!!! I am a fine artist in Brazil and can’t handle to listen to music in the computer without G-Force background inspiration anymore.

It feels like G-Force has a mind of its own - which of course is the brilliante mind of its creators. Congratulations for the great job, ’cause you’ve just reinvented the way we SEE music.
- Cadu R.
G-Force has to be the best visualisation because it is never the same. Every time you play a song you are always surpised by the visual symphony displayed before your very eyes! This program is unique... Well Done Andy! (And the crew)
- Andrew S.
I came across your program by accident and I was hooked on the beautiful colours and moving designs. I ordered it from you immediately after first sight. I don’t know which version I am currently running, being a new boy to PC’s at 79 I am still trying to learn which button I push to turn on this whole box of tricks.

I use G-Force most days when I play CD’s for my own amusement during the evening when my dear wife of 54 years is watching (soaps) on the TV... I don’t know how you achieve your "magic" but it’s great.

Your imaginations, being so much younger and more active than my ancient braincells, I am quite sure, can conjure up a lot more ’magic’ to delight folks. Keep on dreamin’ em up, and keep in touch.
- Keith G.
"G-Force Hi! I got this image the very first time I used G-force. And after less than five minutes! Became an instant fan and will upgrade to Gold.
- Tor H.
I just wanted to drop you a thank you note for your wonderful iTunes plug-in. G-Force Gold is easily the best money I’ve ever spent on anything.
- Doug F.
"G-Force I just wanted to tell you thanks for the awesome program - I gladly upgraded to the full version. Thank you thank you for the time you have invested in G-force it is truly the best visualization on the market... This is a picture of your work playing on my plasma, I use a computer as my entertainment center because I can do cool things like play music to your visualization. Thanks again.
- Seann S.
Hey guys, Your product is legendary!!!
- John K.
God this program is still the most fantastic program on my Mac. I sit mesmerized every night watching G-Force Gold. It is almost a religious experience. I have told everyone I know about it and hope they will download it. Keep up the fantastic work, you deserve an award.
- Bob O.
G-Force and I have a love*love relationship beyond words. Your willingness to continually update the software makes this by far the best software license I have ever purchased. Keep up the terrific work.
- Paul L.
Great job! New genre of entertainment. From infant to octogenarian, everyone likes it and is transfixed.

Your software transcends "software." Art may have a new media...
- Kurt K.
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