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V-Bar - Bring Aeon to Your Desktop! Gold Features
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Enjoy Aeon visuals while you work in other applications. The Aeon V-Bar is exclusive to Aeon Gold and Platinum, and offers an "always on top" visual experience.

The V-Bar is foating window that docks to one of the sides of your screen, allowing you to see Aeon while you do other things on your computer. The V-Bar will react to any music that you computer has audio input for, or it can be set to react from a signal generator.

Not only can the V-Bar be resized and moved, it can operate in one of four modes where it's split into "tiles" and Aeon will run separately in each tile.

v-bar on a desktop with browser windows open

v-bar on a win desktop

v-bar on a win desktop

v-bar single tile mode

v-bar multiple tiles mode

Advanced User Tips & Tricks

Want V-Bar to react without music?
When V-Bar is in its standard mode, you can set it to use one of the "Sound Generator" choices (Fluid, High Energy or Chill) and V-Bar will then react without a music or audio source (note that when you configure in standard mode, you can then switch back into one of the tile modes and this setting will be remembered).

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