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  G-Force Contributor Submissions
G-Force and WhiteCap use plain-text files called "configs" to define graphical operations in the form of mathematical expressions, allowing you to create your own visual effects. Over the years, many users have created hundreds of configs, some of which are now bundled with G-Force. When deciding which submissions to bundle with G-Force, we look for the highest standards of originality, visual appeal, and performance. There are many config submissions that, for whatever reason, are not bundled with G-Force but are still excellent and worth seeing.

Below you'll find a veriety of G-Force configs that have been submitted to us but are not bundled with G-Force. It's important to note that these configs are not edited, optimized, or tested by SoundSpectrum (unlike the configs that come with G-Force). These configs are intended for advanced users who wish to experiment with G-Force and its open nature; use them at your own risk. If you do choose to download and install them, then there's a possibility that your overall G-Force experience may suffer (in the form of lower frame rates, poor color contrast, or being too "busy"). If you do have a problem, you can always just delete G-Force and reinstall it.

G-Force Contributor Upgrade
We value contributors very highly and it's of the utmost importance to us to continue encouraging user creativity. You can receive G-Force Platinum (or WhiteCap Platinum) for free if you submit configs that go on to be bundled with G-Force (or WhiteCap). In addition to getting G-Force Platinum or WhiteCap Platinum for free, your contributions will be widely distributed and hundreds of thousands of users will see your work. For more information, see the config programming section of the G-Force documentation. To submit configs or screenshots, just contact us. All submissions are subject to the End User License Agreement.

IFS template - a "how-to" for making fractal-like FlowFields. - a 3rd party Windows app to create MAP-type ColorMaps.
ColorMonger.sit - a 3rd party Mac OS X app to create MAP-type ColorMaps.

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