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- Jim C.
I am a charter member of your fan club. I very quickly downloaded Aeon... I use your visualization software as my primary stress relief device... Nice job, as with SoftSkies and G-Force. Your products are reasonably priced and your updates always add a little new content.
- Scott F.
I’ve just downloaded and installed the latest version (4.0) of G-Force and feel compelled to write you and offer my sincerest KUDOS for your latest work. I’ve used G-Force for a few years and have always been impressed but the latest version just blew me away!!! Well done!!!
- Terry B.
I purchased both the G-Force and Whitecap Platinum versions and they are just wonderful. Besides being so beautiful and relaxing to watch, the way the visuals react to whatever music is playing is fantastic! Being able to take screenshots of our favorite visuals, and to share them on the website is an added bonus to an already very awesome and enjoyable creation. Keep up the good work!
- Rachel A.
I absolutely love G-Force!!! I can’t begin to tell you just how amazing & graphically stunning this program is. It reacts to music as if it is really alive and the images always seem to fit the song playing. My friends were blown away when they saw this on my big screen tv during a party I recently had. Several of them have acquired G-Force since then. I love taking the still shots and creating my own desktop backgrounds, slide shows, and screensavers. The possibilities are endless!! The creators of this program are true geniuses. Thank you for bringing beautiful imagery & color into my life. A Devoted Fan Forever,
- Sheri C.
G Force has been so relaxing for me. I sometimes take it for granted because I have had it for several years now. I use it as a screen saver and am always amazed at the colors and patterns that morph into being. It is like therapy! I will purposefully make it a part of my daily relaxation. Keep up the great work!
- Wanda S.
Great product! G-Force is one of the best visualizers on the market--so much more exciting and interesting than the standard Vista visualizers
- LeConte D.
Thanks for all your hard work bringing your G-Force screensaver current with mac snow leopard. Even though screensavers are not needed, I can sit and watch G-Force for hours. Its like therapy. Thanks again, and I wouldn’t have a problem buying any of your other products in the future.
- Gary O.
It is simplistic to say that White Cap is without a doubt the most awesome program I’ve ever witnessed on any PC anywhere. I’m back for more of same. I can’t wait to see it on my new monitor!
- Ronald D.
After 61 years I think this is the most spectacular art form I have ever seen. Just wanted to let you know. Best purchase I’ve ever made. Thank You
- Daniel J.
Viva G-FORCE! You simply beautify the senses of thoughtful viewers. It is amazing. Beyond human imagination, It is beauty manifesting itself. It is an endless wonder and an endless surprise. Thanks guys!
- Sam G.
Thanks for a really awesome program. this revolutionized how i listen to music. With my computer hooked up to my 32" tv flatscreen this really sets the mood to any music. Again thanks!
- Marius A.
LOVE IT!!! The quote about being afraid to walk away for fear of missing something... SO TRUE!!!
- Rob G.
First of all I want to say THANKS to all people at SoundSpectrum. G-Force is the best software I’ve ever bought. It’s mesmerizing to watch it on the HDTV. I’ve been using G-Force Platinum for years and I am still amazed by it every time I use it.
- Edmundo D.
I have both whitecap & gforce platinum. I absolutely love them. They are incredible. Thanks for two awesome products.
- Jim M.
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