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Just had to tell you how much I have been enjoying listening to my music collection with your g-force platinum product. Holy Mackerel! I have a high-end audio system that is the pride and joy of my life and when I installed g-force on my new iMac it took an already stellar listening experience and shot it into the next galaxy. I can’t imagine listening now without it. Much thanks to your developers for designing such an amazing product and at $30 I consider it a real bargain.
- John R.
I have had g-force platinum for about a week, and I already had great expectations for your product, but to say that those expectations were greatly exceeded would be an extreme under-statement. I have seen other similar products, but that statement is where the similarity ends. I use the screensaver and also use the windows media player and real player capabilities, and nothing else that i have ever seen can come close to g-force. Many KUDOS to your developers, who I believe have set the benchmark for this type of software. In a short phrase - SPECTACULARLY AWESOME!
- Don J.
This is the most awesome Visualizations download I have ever experienced. Thank You! Have fallen asleep many nights with my White Cap running to ease migrains. As a nighlight, it bounces light off the walls. Just awesome.
- L. Knoll
Thanks for the great effort in constructing the magic of G-Force. I am amazed with G-Force. Im a disabled Dude who has enjoyed many hours with G-Force, thanks for the great work.
- Dean S.
Dear Sirs at Sound Spectrum Inc. Some months ago I purchased WhiteCap Gold. Most of the time I use it as a screen saver. I find it a fascinating, hypnotic and entertaining piece of software. I have purchased software of many kinds and find WhiteCap to be real value for money and a ’must have’. Many thanks,
- Brian M.
thank you for making this, i sit up all night watching it morph my music into visuals. it is the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen. thank you
- Jim R.
Dear amazing peoples... I installed G-Force on my 24" iMac and I am completely blown away by how beautiful and brilliant the continually shifting visuals are displayed on the 1920x1200 resolution screen. It’s the most graceful and stunning display I have ever seen on a computer or anywhere. I have G-Force chosen for the screensaver, iTunes visualizer, and even have Stand Alone running in the background. The incredibly gorgeous and dreamlike sequences are utterly mesmerizing. I simply feel good while drinking in the fluid images. Thank you for this wonderful gift... this visual narcotic! I have been working in the arts for over 30 years and it’s a rare thing to encounter pure wonder... never-ending visual wonder, at that.
- John K.
My girlfriend just bought WhiteCap Platinum. I fired up my new 28" monitor, turned the lights down and loaded WhiteCap. It’s incredible... it is genuinely brilliant.
- Wes K.
Thank you very much for the new G-Force Platinum. It is just stunning! I’ve owned G-Force for a few years and I didn’t think you could possibly make it any better but you did. This new edition is just terrific! Way to go! I’m going to buy some of the CD’s to give as Christmas presents. Your gift packaging is very nice. G-Force Rules! So sad for the rest. But what can they do? The best is the best!
- Thomas S.
I absolutely LOVE G-Force as a screen saver and audio visualizer. After a year of having it on as a screen saver all the time as I sit and read, I STILL find it amazing that it’s not the same. I thought for sure that by now I’d have found a giant loop that it starts over, but NOOO! I NEVER watch it for ten minutes without seeing something I’ve never seen anything like before. I’ve added it some of the user control files and WOW! Constant novelty. You are amazing and have produced a piece of software that has risen above the what was considered possible--an ever renewing, always fresh piece of moving beauty that would stop everyone in my office as they silently watched and watched.
- Tony E.
You have done the one thing I’ve aspired to create in many decades. As an artist, musician with perfect pitch, your software is the missing component in the gift God gave me. I love it and I love it! Thank you for the brief moments of beauty you brought to my life. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate talents such as yours. My best to you.
- Annette G.
Hello, I just wanted to say thanks for still being around after my last purchase of your current product in 10/17/2007. My system became ill and a new one has graced my desk twenty minutes ago, but just wasn’t the same without my G-Force wonder product to keep me company with your endless amazing visual configurations to accompany my music as well as an idle screen. I am very pleased with the new product you have made available to the public and myself. Once again, thanks for a quality product that I will look forward to being an integral element of my entire desktop entertainment package. Sincerely,
- Casey P.
I recently purchased Whitecap Platinum and am so very impressed with it that I will be buying G-Force Platinum also ! Beleive it or not, I am an old retired Hard Rock Miner who enjoys artist like Shakira and Black Eyed Peas ! Your graphics increase my enjoyment of the music a thousand fold ! Thank You !
- Fred A.
Uh WOW!!! I just downloaded the trial version about a hour and a half ago and I’m hooked!! Hopefully there is no danger of burning out my retinas from watching this hours on end.
- Amy O.
I just have to say that I get more compliments on your screensaver and visualizations when people come to my house then I have every had with any other product. Above that, the visuals are outstanding and it really shows that you have all put your heart and souls into making this the best on the market. Kudos to every member of your staff. I am a Platinum user and will be for life! You have my promise on that! Keep up the great work. I would pay 3 times the amount for this product! It is well worth it! Sincerely,
- David M.
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