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I love whitecap. its the best piece of software i have purchased in quite some time. It’s absolutely STUNNING! If i’ve got friends over, i flip into itunes turn on WC and their jaws just drop "DUDE WHERE DID U GET THIS!!!" is the most common question. I have started accidental house party’s with this. I’m 15 and strongly encourage you to get this. (The trial is like 1/10th of the platinum version.)
- Jonathan P.
I must say I am blown away, what you guys have created here is just state of the art visuals!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you made it, and that I was allowed to buy it. I often use cracks and such when it comes to software but this is something so good that I really wanted to pay for it. Simply amazing. Thanks for the effort guys!
- Alex K.
just downloaded my g-force platinum yesterday and i have to admit that it is one of the most advanced visual programs i have seen. its mystique is overwhelming. very customizable, and the v-bar is very relaxing. i want to thank you all for such a dedicated effort in pleasing the senses.
- Shawn C.
WHOA!!! I have been playing with computers since 1986 and this program by far is the BEST I’ve EVER seen; again... WHOA!!!
- Tom O.
Thank you for your great software. It is simultaneously a testament to the visualization of music, sacred geometry, the power of human perception and has inspired my continued research in knowledge engineering through semantic visualization. Your work is appreciated! Best wishes,
- William H.
Hi. I have been creating abstract and conceptual digital art for many years using digital photography image editing software and even single frame digital animation software such as originally available on old commodore /Amiga computers. G Force gold with its customizable features has proved to be the missing link bringing my conceptual and aesthetic visual aspirations within reach. It has bought me and my family many hours of viewing pleasure and added a fantastic new dimension to our musical experiences. I am continually staggered by its aesthetic potential and responsiveness as a creative medium and am eager to learn more about how to interact more creatively within the various configurable dimensions. Thank you so much for making this available. Kind regards,
- Trevor J.
You’re making my eyes bleed!!! If I don’t stop staring at what you guys have so, AWESOMELY (Is that a real word?) created, than I will go blind, or have that look stuck on my face that my mom always warned me about when I was a kid!!! So knock it off, and stop making such cool stuff!!! But, then again, if I’m stuck looking gooberish, then at least I’ll be entertained. Thank You,
- Anna M.
G Force is a mindblowing visualization program. I think it is amazing how much it varies, fits in with the song you are playing, and most of all - it’s much more realistic and entertaining than any other music-oriented visualization.
- C. Huyer
WhiteCap gives one a combination of visio and audio experience that is so stimulating in a brilliant way... I’m blown away by the experience! thanks for the privilege,
- Brett G.
I just want to say that gforce is the best!! I love watching the graphics while I do my work on the v-bar and while listening to music. Who ever is behind these beautiful graphics, keep up the good work!! It’s amazing how creative and innovative they are.
- Yolanda D.
I downloaded G Force and I must say that I am awed!!! I get stuck here just staring for WAY TO LONG!!! If my eyes start to bleed I’m blaming you guys!!! :) However you guys figured out how to do such cool things is beyond me, but I do appreciate it anyway!!! Keep it up!!!!! Thank You,
- Jo Ann H.
As a visual artist, I know eye-candy when I see it; G-Force is the best visualization software I’ve yet seen! It has all the visual wonderment of a hallucinogenic experience, but without risk of brain damage. Thankyou very much.
- M. McHenry
I have been a platinum user for a few years now and I have always been genuinely impressed. I recently installed 3.9.1 and I cannot believe what you guys have done. This is light years beyond any previous versions. Good on ya!!! If you never made another improvement, I would not complain and would keep renewing. Thank you for the amazing execution of your creativity. I am overwhelmed and delighted. Gratefully,
- Tereance P.
G-Force just gets better and better and I am pleased to support your work. The renewals are great value for money. I can’t wait to see what you will come up with next. Regards,
- Don B.
I’ve had g-force for almost two years. With all the music I listen to, it makes the whole experience come alive.
- Joe S.
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