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About WhiteCap
WhiteCap is a real-time music visualizer and screen saver featuring a futuristic, morphing wireframe mesh that generates stunning graphic effects along with dynamic backgrounds and colors, to form thousands of visual combinations. WhiteCap includes easy to use on-screen menus with configurable visual effects and customizable settings, which let you save favorites and control your visual experience.

WhiteCap is designed to be extremely dynamic and musically reactive, with a unique look and feel that is bold, yet sleek and sophisticated. WhiteCap is the ideal visual complement to your favorite live and pre-recorded music, creating irresistible "eye candy" that looks great in any environment.

Try WhiteCap
The free trial of WhiteCap is easy to install and easy to use. It lets you experience its uniquely reactive, dynamic visuals firsthand and gives you a taste of the many advanced features WhiteCap Gold and Platinum have to offer.

Download WhiteCap Free Trial today!

How do you use WhiteCap?

Got a great photo of WhiteCap in action? Submit it to us and we'll try to post your submission on our web site! See some of the current submissions.

WhiteCap is great for:
• relaxing and meditating to music on your own
• adding excitement at parties and social gatherings
• creating a sophisticated, modern ambiance
• showing off your new flat-panel LCD or plasma TV
• visualizing your favorite musical instrument, live

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