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SoftSkies Screen Saver - Add
a Window to Any Room!
Platinum Features
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Love SoftSkies' incredible cloudscapes? Now you can enjoy them as a screen saver! SoftSkies Screen Saver uses the same advanced cloud rendering engine as SoftSkies Gold/Platinum, giving you an unparalleled visual experience. SoftSkies Screen Saver requires SoftSkies Gold/Platinum to run.

Add SoftSkies Screen Saver to SoftSkies Gold at the time of purchase for only $5.00: that’s 50% off the regular price! Or, purchase SoftSkies Platinum and get it for free.

If you are already an existing SoftSkies Gold user, you can still buy the SoftSkies Screen Saver for $10.00. Just enter your license code below and click "Purchase" to continue.

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Platinum Features: Screen Saver | Standalone | Multi-Player
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