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SoftSkies Standalone - Visualize
Any Audio Source
Platinum Features
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SoftSkies Standalone visualizes any sound source supported by your computer, including line-in audio, CD audio, microphone input, etc. You can use it to visualize live performances or streaming radio broadcasts.

SoftSkies Standalone is particularly useful when you want to visualize audio that doesn't exist in the form of an audio file (e.g. mp3, WAV, AIFF), such as audio output directly from your CD player or stereo amplifier.

SoftSkies Standalone enables you to visualize anything you can hear and is exclusively available in SoftSkies Platinum. Note: The Mac OS X operating system does not allow for visualization from the built-in sound card, however, it does allow for use of line-in, microphone, and other audio inputs.

Advanced User Tips & Tricks
How do I run SoftSkies Standalone?
In Windows, you can run SoftSkies Standalone by selecting: Start | All Programs | SoftSkies | SoftSkies Standalone. In Mac OS X, simply run the SoftSkies Standalone application included in your Platinum download.

How do I select a particular audio input?
SoftSkies Standalone can select from any sound source available to your computer. Using the SoftSkies menu, select the desired source from the "Audio Source" list in the "Settings" submenu. To access these options with keystroke commands, simply press "Shift A" while SoftSkies Standalone is running.

How do I adjust the reactivity of the visuals?
When using SoftSkies Standalone, please know that SoftSkies will be sensitive to the volume levels of any "line-in" or "mic-in" sound sources. Use the + - and [ ] keys to adjust the signal and visual gain level. See the G-Force customizing section for a description of the response vs. preamp scale (both function exactly the same in SoftSkies).

aux audio input plugin
SoftSkies Standalone lets you visualize any audio source

Griffin iMic external audio input source accessory
Platinum Features: Screen Saver | Standalone | Multi-Player

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