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V-Bar - Bring WhiteCap to Your Desktop! Gold Features
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Enjoy WhiteCap visuals while you work in other applications. The new, patent-pending V-Bar (exclusive to WhiteCap Gold and Platinum) provides an "always on top" visual experience that you won’t want to live without once you try it.

V-Bar runs within a visual window in four different modes and can be docked in any of four different screen locations (see screenshots), while you work in other applications. V-Bar will react to any music you’re playing on your PC, or it can be set to display visuals on its own, even when there’s no music.

V-Bar’s Four Great Layouts
1. Standard Mode - a single instance of WhiteCap running within your V-Bar window - a visual jukebox that you can control with the WhiteCap Toolbar.

2. Random Tiles Mode - random visual tiles of WhiteCap running within the V-Bar.

3. Symmetric Tiles Mode - visual tiles of WhiteCap arranged symmetrically around the center axis.

4. Tile Ticker Mode - continuously moving "ticker" of visual tiles - guaranteed to keep your desktop visually mesmerizing.

V-Bar’s Four Screen Positions
1. Position Left (default)
2. Position Top
3. Position Right
4. Position Bottom

The V-Bar can also be resized by clicking and dragging its edge.

Advanced User Tips & Tricks
Want to move V-Bar to a different screen position?
You can use any of three methods: (i) click the corners of V-Bar, (ii) click and drag V-Bar to another side of your screen, or (iii) right click the V-Bar to access V-Bar controls.

Want to customize / configure V-Bar?
When V-Bar is in its standard mode, you can use the WhiteCap Settings menu to completely customize your V-Bar experience by changing options such as: WaveShapes, ColorSchemes, Backgrounds, frame rate, visual responsiveness, etc.

Want V-Bar to react without music?
When V-Bar is in its standard mode, you can set it to use one of the "Sound Generator" choices (Fluid, High Energy or Chill) and V-Bar will then react without a music or audio source (note that when you configure in standard mode, you can then switch back into one of the tile modes and this setting will be remembered).


V-Bar’s Four Screen
Positions & Modes
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Tile Ticker
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Symmetric Tiles
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