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I Love G-Force! Your quick response to my questions was excellent. I am glad to be a user.. the visuals are very soothing and meditative... A great product and great personal attention. Thank you!
- Zena S.
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FlowField Unions - A New Visual Dimension Gold Features
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FlowField Unions (exclusive to G-Force Gold and Platinum) provide another unique visual element to G-Force’s ever-changing experience. The addition of FlowField Unions allows G-Force to "morph" in beautiful new ways by mathematically combining multiple FlowFields.

FlowField Unions allow any two FlowFields (i.e., pixel-flow maps) to be arbitrarily combined, giving you many thousands of new visual possibilities from the existing set of FlowFields - about a half million, in fact!

The results can be very impressive and can be seen in the screenshots below:

sound visualization

With FlowField Unions
visual art

visualization tool

With FlowField Unions
windows media visualizer plugin

music player visualization

With FlowField Unions
media player plugin

Advanced User Tips & Tricks

Want to turn FlowField Unions on/off?
Using the G-Force Toolbar, you can toggle on/off the "FlowField Unions" checkbox within the "Visualization Preferences".

Want to change the rate at which FlowField Unions appear?
Your G-Force Preferences file defines the number of seconds to wait until a random "FlowField Union" will occur when a FlowField change occurs. This variable is defined as "UInt / Pref_Union_Interval" and you can learn more about this variable in the customizing section of the G-Force Documentation.

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