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I purchased both the G-Force and Whitecap Platinum versions and they are just wonderful. Besides being so beautiful and relaxing to watch, the way the visuals react to whatever music is playing is fantastic! Being able to take screenshots of our favorite visuals, and to share them on the website is an added bonus to an already very awesome and enjoyable creation. Keep up the good work!
- Rachel A.
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FlowField Unions - A New Visual Dimension Gold Features
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FlowField Unions (exclusive to G-Force Gold and Platinum) provide another unique visual element to G-Force’s ever-changing experience. The addition of FlowField Unions allows G-Force to "morph" in beautiful new ways by mathematically combining multiple FlowFields.

FlowField Unions allow any two FlowFields (i.e., pixel-flow maps) to be arbitrarily combined, giving you many thousands of new visual possibilities from the existing set of FlowFields - about a half million, in fact!

The results can be very impressive and can be seen in the screenshots below:

sound visualization

With FlowField Unions
visual art

visualization tool

With FlowField Unions
windows media visualizer plugin

music player visualization

With FlowField Unions
media player plugin

Advanced User Tips & Tricks

Want to turn FlowField Unions on/off?
Using the G-Force Toolbar, you can toggle on/off the "FlowField Unions" checkbox within the "Visualization Preferences".

Want to change the rate at which FlowField Unions appear?
Your G-Force Preferences file defines the number of seconds to wait until a random "FlowField Union" will occur when a FlowField change occurs. This variable is defined as "UInt / Pref_Union_Interval" and you can learn more about this variable in the customizing section of the G-Force Documentation.

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