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Ive used the free version for quite awhile and was in love with it.. Been saying that I was going to upgrade and finally did and all I can say is.. OUTSTANDING.. I’m old and spent my teen years at the old fillmore East when the Joshua Light Show did the light shows for some of the biggest named bands ever.. and they just used differant colored oils on an overhead projector behind the stage!! Your product is really wonderful thank you so much.. Keep up the fabulous work!
- Carl C.
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G-Force Toolbar - Your Turn to Drive! Gold Features
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g-force toolbar visual control

G-Force Gold and Platinum now have the control features you always wanted. It lets you experience G-Force on a whole new level.

With the G-Force Toolbar, it’s easy to pick and choose visual elements, customize your settings, take instant snapshots, and select from many basic and advanced features. G-Force Toolbar’s intuitive user interface is simple and fun to use.

The G-Force Toolbar (available in G-Force Gold and Platinum) allows you to:
  • Display WaveShapes, ColorMaps, FlowFields, and Particles on demand
  • Display images and video within G-Force
  • Change the frame rate and slideshow interval speeds
  • Adjust the visual responsiveness of G-Force to music
  • Take snapshots of your favorite visuals
  • Display track title and album cover art
  • Enjoy the patent-pending V-Bar while working in other applications
  • Set user preferences for a variety of features
  • Create themes for different music genres or for your favorite visuals
  • Use advanced controls to customize your G-Force experience

music player visuals
Take screenshots & launch images...

media player visualizer control
Select visuals
on demand...

plugin frame rate adjustment
Control frame rate
& visual response...

internet radio plugin control
Launch the G-Force V-Bar!

G-Force Toolbar - Advanced Controls

The G-Force Toolbar puts you in the driver's seat:

g-force toolbar music plug in control

Particles, Images, and Video control panel:

images and video plugin

WaveShapes, ColorMaps, and FlowFields control panel:

music visual settings

Visualization Preferences control panel:

visual preferences

Toolbar Preferences control panel:

g-force toolbar customization

Themes control panel:

g-force toolbar theme settings

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