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Hey guys, thanks for your latest betas of G-Force and WhiteCap, both are another quantum leap forward. I really appreciate your artistic endeavours. Please continue!!! Thank you so much, cheers,
- Wolfram O.
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G-Force Toolbar - Your Turn to Drive! Gold Features
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g-force toolbar visual control

G-Force Gold and Platinum now have the control features you always wanted. It lets you experience G-Force on a whole new level.

With the G-Force Toolbar, it’s easy to pick and choose visual elements, customize your settings, take instant snapshots, and select from many basic and advanced features. G-Force Toolbar’s intuitive user interface is simple and fun to use.

The G-Force Toolbar (available in G-Force Gold and Platinum) allows you to:
  • Display WaveShapes, ColorMaps, FlowFields, and Particles on demand
  • Display images and video within G-Force
  • Change the frame rate and slideshow interval speeds
  • Adjust the visual responsiveness of G-Force to music
  • Take snapshots of your favorite visuals
  • Display track title and album cover art
  • Enjoy the patent-pending V-Bar while working in other applications
  • Set user preferences for a variety of features
  • Create themes for different music genres or for your favorite visuals
  • Use advanced controls to customize your G-Force experience

music player visuals
Take screenshots & launch images...

media player visualizer control
Select visuals
on demand...

plugin frame rate adjustment
Control frame rate
& visual response...

internet radio plugin control
Launch the G-Force V-Bar!

G-Force Toolbar - Advanced Controls

The G-Force Toolbar puts you in the driver's seat:

g-force toolbar music plug in control

Particles, Images, and Video control panel:

images and video plugin

WaveShapes, ColorMaps, and FlowFields control panel:

music visual settings

Visualization Preferences control panel:

visual preferences

Toolbar Preferences control panel:

g-force toolbar customization

Themes control panel:

g-force toolbar theme settings

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