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You have done the one thing I’ve aspired to create in many decades. As an artist, musician with perfect pitch, your software is the missing component in the gift God gave me. I love it and I love it! Thank you for the brief moments of beauty you brought to my life. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate talents such as yours. My best to you.
- Annette G.
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Album Cover Art - Enhance Your Visuals Gold Features
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G-Force Gold and Platinum allow you to display album cover art (if it‘s available) as well as the current track information display (see screenshots below). Album cover art display preferences can be selected with the G-Force Toolbar.

album cover art

itunes album cover art

windows media album cover art

album artwork

itunes album art

windows media album art

Note: Album cover art support is available under iTunes, J. River MEDIA CENTER, Windows Media Player 10, jetAudio, and Musicmatch 10.

Advanced User Tips & Tricks
Trying to display album art in Windows Media Player?
To make the album cover art accessible to G-Force Gold or Platinum from within Windows Media Player, you need to use the advanced tag editor (via right click on a track) to add / associate your album art.

Want to display album art in true color vs. blended color?
Use the Visualization Preferences within the G-Force Toolbar to change the “Track Info Layer” preferences. There are three options: (1) Select “Overlay if cover art exists” to display track title (and album art) as a true color overlay when album art is available (otherwise it will display the title text blended with the visuals, which optimizes G-Force CPU performance). (2) Select “Blend with visuals” to maximize CPU performance to see the album artwork colors blended with the G-Force visuals. (3) Select “Overlay always” to ensure that both the album cover art and the track title text will alway display in overlay (true color) mode.

Want to change the duration of the track title and album art?
The G-Force Toolbar will allow you to select various display durations times ranging from 2 seconds to a full minute. You can also choose to have track title and album art "Always displayed".

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