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I have been a fan of yours for some time now... Thank you for making each upgrade a BRAND NEW JOURNEY... bigger, wider, more colorful and in so many distant and almost intangible ways more informative.
- Scott F.
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One Year of Download Access and Updates Gold Features
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Your G-Force Gold or Platinum license code will provide you with free download access and any new updates of G-Force for an entire year from your purchase date (please visit the Downloads & Updates page if you are already a customer). Your updates include everything from small feature additions to major milestone releases. Few companies provide ongoing product download access subsequent to purchase and we are happy to offer this for 12 months, followed by a discounted renewal period. We strive to maintain the highest product quality and customer satisfaction, which is evidenced by our user testimonials.

Once downloaded and installed on your computer, your copy of G-Force will never expire. Upon the expiration of your year of free updates, we will provide you with an opportunity to renew your access to G-Force updates for a discounted price. We devote substantial resources to developing new software features, enhancing performance, adding new visuals, and providing ongoing product support. If you are a current customer, you can learn more about renewing your license code from our license code renewal page.

If you decide not to renew your license code for access to updated versions of G-Force Gold or Platinum, we strongly suggest that you make a backup copy of your installed software so that you will be able to restore it after your download access expiration. Again, note that it is your download access that expires one year after purchase and not your ability to install and run what you have already downloaded.

We hope you enjoy G-Force and its updates as they become available!

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